TSANZ 2023 Award Winners

2023 Award Winners have been announced

Congratulations to all of the Winners

During the 41st TSANZ Annual Scientific Meeting, the winners were announced at the TSANZ Annual Awards dinner held at the Brisbane City Town Hall on June 19, 2023

Early Career Researchers Award (Basic Science)

Presented by TSANZ President Professor Helen Pilmore

Cheng Sheng Chai
Daniel Cox
Atharva Kale
Mark Ly x 2
Moumita Paul-Heng
Aspasia Pefanis
Chloe Sligar
Hannah Wang

Early Career Researchers Award (Clinical Science) Sponsored by Astellas

Presented by Helen Mahony

Shaun Chandler
Daniel Cox
Samantha Ennis
Ahmer Hameed
Georgina Irish
Prateek Rakesh
Harry Robertson
Brenda Maria Rosales
Karthik Venkataraman
Yunwei Zhang

The Prestigious President's Prize

presented by TSANZ President Professor Helen Pilmore

Atharva Kale - (Basic Science)
Ahmer Hameed
- (Clinical Science)

President's Prize People's Choice Award

Atharva Kale - (Basic Science)
Harry Robertson
- (Clinical Science)

Best Poster award

Amelia Le Page - (Clinical Science*)

*no Basic Science posters were displayed

KHA Awards Sponsored by Kidney Health Australia

Presented by Karen Dwyer

Michael Collins - (Clinical Research)

Sanda Stankovic - (Laboratory Research)

TSANZ Josette Eris Award in Support of Emerging Female Leaders in Transplantation

This biennial award is to recognise the life of Josette Eris and her contribution to Transplantation.

Natasha Rogers

TSANZ Ian McKenzie Prize for Outstanding Contribution in Transplantation

This prestigious award recognises researchers who have demonstrated excellence and exceptional contribution in the field of transplantation.

‚ÄčMichaela Lucas

TSANZ Aviva Rosenfeld Award for Excellence in Patient Care in Transplantation

Presented by TSANZ President Professor Helen Pilmore

This award has been established in honour of Aviva Rosenfeld, the TSANZ Executive Officer from 1996 to 2015. The award recognises an outstanding clinician who has demonstrated excellence in patient care in transplantation.

Joshua Kausman

TSANZ Annual Fun Run Winners

Andrea Viecelli and Mark McDonald (With a special mention to David Mudge)