Thank you to everyone who played a part in making the 2024 ASM and Associated Meetings a success

The Board

Professor Kate Wyburn


A/Prof Nikky Isbel

Deputy Chair

A/Prof Kavitha Muthiah

Honorary Secretary

Dr Joshua Kausman


A/Prof Bronwyn Levvey

TNA Representative

A/Prof Avik Majumdar

Board Member

Dr Tanya McWilliams

New Zealand Representative

Dr Handoo Rhee

Surgical Representative

Mr Paul Robertson

ATCA Representative

Dr Animesh Singla

Board Member

Dr Lucy Sullivan

Liaison with Scientific Societies

Professor Angela Webster

Board Member

Mrs Nieves Piaggio

TSANZ Executive Officer

Email: [email protected]

Mrs Kim Rawson

TSANZ Senior Project Officer

Email: [email protected]

Emily Larkins

TSANZ Clinical Project Manager

Email: [email protected]

Anne Wiseman

TSANZ Administration Officer

Email: [email protected]