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Early Career Committee (ECC)

The purpose of the Early Career Research (ECR) Committee is to bring together early career researchers, clinicians and health care professionals in the field of transplantation, with a view to enhancing and engaging ECR participation within the Transplantation Society of Australia and New Zealand (TSANZ).

The ECR committee reports directly to Scientific Program and Education Committee (SPEC)

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Georgina Irish


Griffith Perkins


Laura De Souza

Madeleine Gill

Katharine Hegerty

Donna Hickling

Atharva Kale

Joshua Lee

Saskia Leibowitz

Lachlan McMichael

Aspasia Pefanis

Amy Prosser

Amir Shamshirian

Olivia Smibert

Eric Son

Karen Waller

Melanie Wyld

Tracey Ying