Enhancing Clinical Guidelines

New project 2022 - 2024

The Project is focused on enhancing current processes for managing the TSANZ Clinical Guidelines for Organ Transplantation from Deceased Donors and supporting practical implementation. It is a collaboration between the TSANZ and OTA to:

1.       Establish a robust process for the ongoing oversight, provision, maintenance, promulgation and implementation of the Guidelines

2.       Develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to support implementation of the Guidelines in key areas at a practical level where possible

3.       Establish an Advisory Panel to support the Guidelines and SOPs.

Watch this space for more project updates...

Enquiries to: [email protected]

May/June 2022 update - The Clinical Guidelines Survey

Thank you to all who took the time to complete the survey last month - it has provided a valuable insight into the current usage of the guideline across the donation & transplantation network and an important platform as we launch into the next phase of the project. Results summary below:

Is it easy to find the content you are seeking…. 84% said "Yes"

How can we improve?

  1. "Some of the organ specific chapters are easy than others when looking for donor assessment / suitability criteria. May not be possible, but a consistent format/summary table, across all organs would be helpful.“

  2. "The formatting and display are not easily readable or eye catching, large document with lots of scrolling".

  3. "I have had to mark frequently used topics, as contents page is not that user friendly - more hyperlinks in the document would be helpful”

  4. Receiving update notifications… 79% prefer email/e-bulletin (current platform to disseminate updates)

  5. Need to explore feasibility of incorporating the guidelines into other platforms i.e. Clinical Guidelines App, Interactive webpage, Organmatch, EDR

July 2022 - Advisory Panel forming

The TSANZ ASM in June has generated a lot of interest for the new Clinical Guidelines Advisory Panel. Panel members will be announced here in September....