TSANZ Mission Statement

The Society aims to provide the following services, as the peak representative body of transplantation professionals in Australia and New Zealand;

  1. Promotion of high quality research in transplantation in both clinical care and basic sciences

  2. Promotion of collaboration between health professionals and basic scientists

  3. Support for and provision of forums to present transplant research for peer review

  4. Education for scientists, surgeons, physicians, trainees, nurses and allied health practitioners caring for organ donors and transplant recipients

  5. Promotion of the highest quality of care and advocacy for individuals with organ failure before and after transplantation

  6. Recognition of the burden of organ donors and their families, ensuring their best possible care

  7. Promotion and facilitation of organ donation within Australia and New Zealand, from both deceased and living donors, seeking to maximize access to and outcomes of transplantation

The Society seeks to understand issues in transplantation including;

  1. Mechanisms that influence recipient and transplant organ function and longevity after transplantation

  2. Quality of life and other patient priorities for individuals awaiting and receiving an organ transplant

  3. Organ failure leading to transplantation

  4. Issues which determine access to organ transplantation

The principles underlying our approach to transplantation including;

  1. Pursuit of knowledge

  2. Ethical conduct, transparency and rigorous peer review of scientific research

  3. Advocacy through open discussion and peer review

  4. Transparency of processes of TSANZ governance

  5. Commitment to excellence

  6. Adherence to transparency and integrity

  7. Allegiance to collaboration and inclusiveness

  8. Dedication to patient-focused care of both recipients and organ donors

  9. Commitment to evidence-based medicine

  10. Advocacy for equity and diversity

The TSANZ believes and supports the principles of the Helsinki Declaration on Scientific research and the Declaration of Istanbul on Organ Trafficking and Transplantation Tourism.