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Additional Guidelines & SOPs

National Histocompatibility Assessment Guideline for Solid Organ Transplantation

These guidelines are intended to establish consistent standards of practice for histocompatibility laboratories supporting clinical transplantation in Australia in identifying acceptable and unacceptable antigens for transplant recipients.

Version 1.0, April 2024, click here.

ATCA-OTA-TSANZ Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

National SOP: Organ Allocation Organ Rotation Urgent Listing - Version 4.1 - updated March 2024. Click here to view. N.B amendment to peadiatric heart offering principles: 12/03/24

National SOP: Packaging, Labelling, Storage and Documentation of Deceased Donor Vessels - SOP003/2016 Version 5.0 Nov 2020. Currently under review 2023/24. Click here to view

Additional TSANZ Guidelines:

Surgical Technique for Deceased Donor Abdominal Organ Retrieval - *updated Version 1.1 - June 2023*. Click here to view

TSANZ Infectious Disease Transmission in Solid Organ Transplantation Review: Donor Evaluation, Recipient Risk & Outcomes of Transmission - May 2018: Click here to download the report.

Guidelines for Hospitals to Assist in Credentialing of Transplant Surgeons in Australia and New Zealand
TSANZ Guidelines G004/2017.. Version 1.0, May 2017 Click here


For all educational resources go to the OrganMatch training hub - Transplantation Portal

Flow Crossmatching - Clinical Guidance Document, version 1.0. Click here

Reporting Documents

The Australian Vigilance and Surveillance System for Organ Donation for Transplantation - 2022 Report
The Serious Adverse Event or Reaction Notification (SAEN) form and guidelines - click here

Information sheets:

Australian KDPI information sheet and calculator:
KDPI values for paediatric donors - update May 2024 click here
KDPI Information sheet click here
KDPI Calculator click here 

Estimated Post Transplant Survival (EPTS)
With the valuable support of Phil Clayton (ANZDATA) the Renal Transplant Advisory Committee have developed an information sheet for the Estimated Post-Transplant Survival Score system in Australia. It is important that all clinicians involved in transplantation decisions, familiarise themselves with this index.

The EPTS can be calculated manually using the EPTS calculator available below.

EPTS information
EPTS calculator

Letter from Department of Health Re: Medicare requirements for kidney transplants
Click here to view