Clinical Guidelines for Organ Transplantation from Deceased Donors

TSANZ clinical guidelines now available in mobile app, tablet and desktop mode

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TSANZ Clinical Guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions


1.    Do I need to be a TSANZ member to access?

No, the mobile app is free and publicly available for all to download. TSANZ members can access a few extra features such as ‘save to favourites’ if they use their membership log-in.


2.    Do I need a log-in?

No, to improve ease of access, no log-in is required to access all TSANZ Clinical Guideline content.

The log-in feature for TSANZ members (mobile app only) unlocks additional features such as ‘favourites’ and ‘recently viewed’.


3.    Are all the app features available offline?

All guideline content is available in off-line mode, to assist those accessing in remote/no Wi-Fi locations. External webpage links to i.e. OrganMatch, SOPs, NHMRC Ethical Guidelines, require data connection.


4.    What do the tile colours correspond to?

The colour themes correspond to the following rules:

Yellow – donor suitability content and general recipient eligibility

Green – organ specific content

Black - non-clinical information (processes, version control, disclaimers and auditing).


5.    How do I locate appendix items?

All appendix items/quick references guides can now be found under the black tile labelled ‘Algorithms & Additional Resources’. Some common themes are grouped together such as: ‘Allocation Algorithms’ and ‘Infectious Diseases & Malignancy Risk’. Here you can also find links to SOPS, OrganMatch user guides and Covid-19 resources.


6.    How do I search for a term in desktop mode?

From the homepage, click on the relevant subsection; i.e. Kidney. Then use the ctrl + f function and a box will appear for you to search free text.


7. How will I know when content is updated?

You will receive a push notification to your mobile/tablet device of you have downloaded the mobile app. Version control content will also be updated.

Correspondence from TSANZ which includes an e-bulletin, will also continue to advise you of clinical guideline updates.


View the pdf version 1.12 (Amendment to paediatric heart offering principles 12/03/24)

Further questions, feedback, or any guideline related enquiries visit: Clinical Guidelines Project - Transplantation Society of Australia & New Zealand ( or email [email protected]