ADVISORY Committees - Renal

The Renal Transplant Advisory Committee (RTAC) of the TSANZ is the peak clinical advisory body for issues related to kidney transplantation in Australia, providing professional advice to optimise patient outcomes and maximize equity and utility in the kidney transplantation sector.

RTAC provides advice in the areas of clinical guidance, organ retrieval, organ allocation and standards of practice in transplantation.

Terms of Reference

Click here to view the Renal Transplant Advisory Committee Terms of Reference

Next meeting: September, 2023

RTAC Members


Mitra Burns

Kate Wyburn 

David Gracey

Muh Geot Wong (ANZSN)


Rhonda Holdsworth (ex-o)

Narelle Watson (ex-o)

Helen Opdam (ex-o)

Ryan Quade (ex-o)

Alison Hodak (ex-o)

Mark McDonald (ex-o)


Manisha Chaubal-Menon

John Kanellis

Peter Hughes 

Kathy Paizis


Christine Russell

Phil Clayton


Ross Francis (Chair as at July 2023)

Scott Campbell 

Anthony Griffin (Tony)

Tina Coco (ex-o)


Lloyd D'Orsogna 

Nicholas Larkins (Paed)

Wai Lim 


Reshma Shettigar (ex-officio)