Clinical Guidelines for Organ Transplantation from Deceased Donors

Version 1.8 of the Clinical Guidelines for Organ Transplantation from Deceased Donors (Clinical Guidelines) includes updated advice related to testing in donors for COVID-19, in particular, Chapter 2; Table 2.1 and section

Version 1.7 of the Clinical Guidelines included updates to section 2.4 on malignancy in donors as well as changes in relation to Paediatric donors, in particular, section 6.5.3 Liver, 11.4 Lung, 11.5 heart and the addition of 11.5.1 Paediatric heart-lung blocs and allocation.

Version 1.6 of the Clinical Guidelines incorporated the revised kidney algorithm results following a review in Chapter 5 and Appendix C. Further enhancements are planned to continue to improve the deceased donor kidney allocation process.

Version 1.5 of the Clinical Guidelines made changes relating to; Human T-lymphotropic virus-1; allergy transmission and other donor-associated conditions, COVID-19 and the Australia and New Zealand Kidney Paired Exchange (ANZKX) in April 2021.

Version 1.4 updates were made in July 2020 and included the addition of Chapter 11 that provides organ-specific advice on acceptability and allocation of organs from paediatric donors as well as an addition of COVID-19 advice.

The previous version 1.3 of the Clinical Guidelines incorporated major changes following the literature review into Infectious Diseases (chapter two). There were also changes to the Heart chapter (chapter four).  All updates are listed on page ii of the Clinical Guidelines.

Version 1.2 was released in December 2018 and made amendments to Chapter 5 in relation to kidneys. Version 1.1 of the Clinical Guidelines were updated in May 2017 and incorporated changes in clinical practice in respect to the utilisation of HCV+ve donor livers in HCV-ve recipients. Thanks to the funding support received from OTA in 2015, patient eligibility and allocation criteria were comprehensively revised to reflect current international best practice and advances in technology and published as version 1.0 in April 2016.

TSANZ released the Organ Transplantation from Deceased Donors: Consensus Statement on Eligibility Criteria and Allocation Protocols Version 1.1 in June 2011. Further changes were made to the Consensus Statement which were incorporated in different versions of the document.

For many years, TSANZ has provided eligibility criteria for patients to be listed for organ transplantation and protocols for the allocation of organs to patients once listed. As part of the implementation of the National Reform Agenda, TSANZ received funding from the Australian Organ and Tissue Authority in 2008-09 to:

  • Develop nationally uniform eligibility criteria to ensure equitable and transparent processes for listing patients for transplantation of organs obtained from deceased donors; and

  • Develop nationally uniform allocation protocols to ensure consistency across Australia in the criteria used to determine allocation of donated organs and tissues.

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TSANZ Infectious Disease Transmission in Solid Organ Transplantation Review:

Donor Evaluation, Recipient Risk & Outcomes of Transmission - S.L White / May 2018: Click here to download report